Idil im Sonntags-Club

QV: Queer Visions - Queer Visibility

QV: Queer Visions - Queer Visibility

Istanbul, Turkey
Supervisor: Ane; Mentor: Eszter Kadar

Hello, my name is Idil, 23 years old sociology student from Istanbul. I will be working on my project "Queer Visions - Queer Visibility (QV)" in Sonntags-Club.
My project focuses on the interactions of gender and queer visibility particularly in arts and music scene in Berlin.

My questions are:

Often, the way gender identity is portrayed plays a crucial role in their visibility. In this respect, art goes beyond the realm of personal interest. Attitudes, action routines, outfits, aesthetic habits, the repertoire of artistic action, musical taste, visual representations of all kinds and endless artistic movements are building blocks of the formation of many gender-specific identities that substantially take their shape around art and have their expressions in art.
Berlin is a multicultural city, where diverse sexual orientations and gender identities come together with diverse cultures, ethnicities, nationalities and customs. Berlin is also one of the European cultural capitals, where all sorts of cultural activities can be found thanks to a creative and free atmosphere on an international and multicultural level. An overview of the diversity of the Berlin (queer) art scene will be the starting point for the investigation of the visibility issues in arts and music scene in Berlin.
Sonntags-Club is located in the heart of the city and has been a stage of different sexual orientations and identities for more than 45 years by now. SC has been involved in the building of a queer community and will provide background and experience that is necessary for my project. So I will be able to observe the significance of the creation of such exclusive spaces beyond a dominating culture for hitherto barely visible gender communities.
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