Adam - ESV-Gast in Lithauen

Promoting Human Rights Activism in Lithuania

10 monatiges Program bei LGL in Littauen unter Erasmus+

Hey people, I'm Adam from Northern Ireland. I have a legal background having graduated with a Bachelors and Masters in Law. I have long held a passion for equality and LGBTIQA+ rights advocacy. Therefore, the opportunity to work alongside LGL was certainly not something I could pass upon.

I landed here on January the 3rd. Having endured the horror that is a "Ryanair" flight, I walked off the flight full of excitement (and thankful to be alive following the stampede getting on and off the plane). I was finally here, I was finally in Vilnius. Upon attaining my luggage, I hurriedly made my way to my apartment. Whilst the apartment's architecture was slightly intimidating, my feelings of apprehension quickly vanished upon meeting the incredibly welcoming Gabija, an LGL staff member.

Monday quickly arrived and it was time to face the snow and make it to my first day in the office. Meeting the brilliant LGL team members was awesome. Everyone was incredibly friendly and genuinely interested in incorporating us into the fascinating projects they work upon.

Of course having read a lot about Vilnius there are certain misconceptions and myths told about the City and those who reside there. However, these misconceptions are totally blasted away upon arriving here and having a tour of the City with the delightful LGL volunteer Giedr?. I cannot wait to work alongside LGL going forward, meeting the Vilnius LGBTIQA+ community and residing in beautiful Vilnius.

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