Hi! My name is Paul Sullivan and I'm thrilled to be spending the summer at the Sonntags Club. I'm an undergraduate at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA, USA where I'm studying History and Literature with a minor in Art, Film, and Visual Studies.
Für das Straßenfest und Parkfest bereite ich mit meiner Praxisanleiterin Ane eine Zeitschiene (Timeline) vor, von den Stonewall "Unruhen" bis heute, auf die alle Gäste ihre eigenen wichtigen queeren Erinnerungsdaten eintragen können. Kommt zum Straßenfest und Parkfest und seht selbst!
My main project at Sonntags-Club is: a Künstlerische Nacht! YOU are invited to partake in our Künstlerische Nacht on Monday, August 5th. We will be turning the Sonntags-Club into a space where people can read their writing aloud on the stage, screen their short films, display their paintings and photographs, put their sculptures on our tables, and, most importantly, discuss the ideas and stories behind their artwork and its broader sociopolitical implications. There will be an opportunity for a Q&A with each artist as well as informal mingling throughout the event. We are gathering submissions of short stories, poetry, photographs, short films, personal essays, and sculptures. Then, we will be compiling a select few of these submissions into a program for an evening in which art work can be shared, consumed, considered, discussed, and celebrated.

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