Die Logos von Erasmus+ und dem europäischen Solidaritätskorps


The picture above shows: "Blauer Bär" at "Rotes Rathaus" - European Award for civic commitment to Europe from the Senate of Berlin and the Representation of the European Commission in Germany.

The international program at Sonntags-Club e.V. was founded by Mio Lindner and is now lead by Serena, project leader and dep. CEO. The Sonntags-Club has got years of experience with the Erasmus+ / EVS / ESC both for individual exchanges and youth exchanges (Germany, England, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovenia, Turkey) and 2019 the Sonntags-Club was invited as one of the "best practice programs" in the ESC and nominated for the Europe Award "Blauer Bär" 2019, at which the Land Berlin and the Representation of the European Commission in Germany honors exemplary, civic commitment to Europe.
Sonntags-Club e.V. focusses on

-->See also the Imagefilm, made by volunteer Herta!

The Sonntags-Club e.V. has two ESC seats per year. The tasks are very diverse (from supporting us with cultural program, in the office, at official programs…). The volunteers are offered the opportunity to get an insight into the daily work of the organization - projects of antidiscrimination, consulting etc. ... In addition, the volunteers can support the different projects at Sonntags-Club. They can help with the coordination and execution of events of the individual groups in the Sonntags-Club and contribute their own ideas. Volunteers will also have the chance to step outside the Sonntags-Club and visit other LGBTIQA+ spaces and events, getting an opportunity to learn about Berlin's queer project landscape.

Most important: Volunteers will work on their individual project during their time at the Sonntags-Club, allowing volunteers to be creative and explore/develop their own ideas. The Sonntags-Club finds a lot of value in the suggestions it receives from its volunteers. How does a project look like? --> Check the previous projects in the list on the left side!

-->See also the video, made by volunteer Paul! Interested? Please send us a letter of interest with a CV and tell us what your project idea is at info@sonntags-club.de> or europe@sonntags-club.de>.

The ESC focuses on the idea of social engagement and the exchange of cultures. The ESC is based on a solid partnership between the volunteers, the sending and the hosting organization. All organizations must have valid accreditation. The recognized projects are listed in a database (Sonntags-Club on the EU-youth-portal).

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